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                      Waste & Recycling

                      Thinking Differently About Waste

                      Our Waste and Recycling programs work to extend our zero waste mindset across the value chain and deliver innovation to help keep product and packaging material out of landfills.

                      Sustainability 2022: Waste & Recycling

                      Our program focuses on:

                      • Utilizing materials efficiently in product and packaging design and manufacturing.
                      • Diverting manufacturing and postconsumer waste from low value outlets (landfill) to higher value, beneficial uses.
                      • Improving consumer education related to disposal and recycling options.
                      • Finding innovative ways to enable value networks that are mutually beneficial to us and our partners.
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                      Supply Chain
                      We're creating value from source to shelf with a sustainable supply chain.
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                      Energy & Climate
                      Our programs look to increase our energy efficiency while seeking lower carbon solutions.
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