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                      Supply Chain

                      Creating value from source to shelf

                      We recognize that a sustainable supply chain creates value for our customers, suppliers and us, and minimizes risk to our ongoing business success.

                      Sustainability 2022: Responsible Supply Chain

                      We live our values every day through proactive environmental and social programs that focus on:

                      • Social and Environmental Compliance – Working with our mills and key suppliers to meet our standards of performance for human rights, labor rights, employee safety, anti-corruption and environmental protection.
                      • Risk Management – Ensuring that the products and materials we purchase come from traceable, resilient and sustainable sources; enabling better prediction and prevention of potential business disruptions, e.g. water.
                      • Value and Innovation – Driving innovation in sustainability by collaborating with our supply chain partners to create value and resiliency for Kimberly-Clark and our customers.
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                      Forests & Fiber
                      We’re innovating our tissue products to reduce their natural forest footprint.
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                      Waste & Recycling
                      Our Waste and Recycling programs deliver innovation to help keep product and packaging material out of landfills.
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