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                      Forests & Fiber

                      Reducing our impact on forests

                      We protect forests to address climate change, conserve terrestrial biodiversity and ensure a resilient, healthy supply chain.

                      Sustainability 2022: Forests & Fiber

                      We are proud that major environmental groups, including Greenpeace, FSC® and the World Wildlife Fund, have recognized Kimberly-Clark as a market leader for responsible fiber sourcing and forest protection, but we know there remains difficult work ahead to drive further improvements.

                       Our program focuses on:

                      • Extending our leadership through natural forest fiber substitution and EPF in our tissue products.
                      • Expanding our responsible sourcing practices to fiber-based packaging.
                      • Engaging customers and consumers through brand-led commercial programming, retail execution and partnerships.

                       Our 2022 goal is to innovate our tissue products to reduce their natural forest footprint by 50% while increasing our use of environmentally-preferred fibers (EPF) by 2025.

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                      Energy & Climate
                      Our programs look to increase our energy efficiency while seeking lower carbon solutions.
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                      Waste & Recycling
                      Our Waste and Recycling programs deliver innovation to help keep product and packaging material out of landfills.
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