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                      Social Compliance

                      Corporate Social Compliance

                      We seek to do business with suppliers who share our social and environmental values, and to work to enhance the sustainability of their operations.

                      Operating with Integrity

                      Kimberly-Clark’s high ethical standards and our Code of Conduct provides guidance for dealing with customers, suppliers, other employees, competitors and the public with integrity and in an ethical and appropriate manner.

                      Our company respects international social compliance and environmental principles aimed at promoting and protecting human rights and the environment. Our policies align with the goals of several international standards, including the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. These values are formalized in our Human Rights in Employment Policy and Instructions.

                      Kimberly-Clark's Corporate Social Compliance team provides support to our business for integrating human rights into our owned and contracted operations, and advises on stakeholder interactions based on the Code of Conduct and International Corporate Social Responsibility standards. Should you have any questions regarding Social Compliance, please contact us at
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                      All In This Together
                      We're partnering with companies throughout the supply chain to promote safe and healthy work environments.
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                      Congrats, Bright Futures Scholars!
                      The 2018 Bright Futures Scholarship Program awarded college scholarships to 60 children of Kimberly-Clark employees in the US.
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