Investor Contacts

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                      With our trusted global brands and proprietary technologies, we have the opportunity to build on our record of creating value for our shareholders.

                      We invite you to learn more about our global businesses by reading Kimberly-Clark's Annual Report or Fact Sheet. Access to the company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings also is available. 

                      Stockholders can contact our Stockholder Services department at 1-800-639-1352 to obtain information about Kimberly-Clark and copies of documents released by the company.

                      For Individual Shareholders with inquiries regarding dividend payments, lost certificates, IRS Form 1099, changes in address, name or ownership, or information regarding direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment should be addressed to the Transfer Agent below:

                      Computershare Investor Services
                      P.O. Box 505000
                      Louisville, KY 40233-5000
                      Telephone: +1-800-730-4001 or +1-781-575-3170

                      All other individual shareholder inquiries should be addressed to:

                      Stockholder Services
                      P.O. Box 619100
                      Dallas, TX 75261-9100
                      Telephone: +1-972-281-5317
                      Fax: +1-920-225-4172

                      For Institutional Investors and Securities Analysts, please contact the Kimberly-Clark Investor Relations department.

                      Paul J. Alexander
                      Vice President-Investor Relations
                      P.O. Box 619100
                      Dallas, TX 75261-9100
                      Telephone: +1-972-281-1440
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