Supplier Portals

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                      We are committed to leveraging smart business practices and technologies that make it easier to do business with us. The ultimate benefit is realized when we mutually thrive through collaborative best practices and innovative solutions, such as web-based applications and tools.

                      Suppliers activated in one of our online portals may use the quick links here. For our suppliers not currently enrolled, consult your Kimberly-Clark resource for more information on access.


                      Procure-to-Pay Supplier Portal

                      Access purchase orders, submit PO acknowledgements, advanced shipping notices and invoices here. Easily find payment status and other online supplier self-services 24/7.

                      Procure to pay supplier portal login here


                      Supplier Collaboration Portals 

                      A virtual workspace with transparent and comprehensive collaboration dashboards and mutual score carding to manage quality, performance and risk mitigation.

                      Supplier collaboration portal login here


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