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                      A Supplier’s Gateway to Doing Business Simpler

                      We’re inspired by what’s beyond essential

                      At Kimberly-Clark, we lead the world in essentials for a better life by providing the products and solutions that make life better for our consumers, customers, suppliers and communities around the world. Doing so requires that we find opportunities that grow and strengthen our business. By partnering with trusted suppliers from around the world, we are able to cultivate new ideas, drive mutual value, and achieve our vision.

                      Whether you're a current or potential supplier, we invite you to explore SupplierLINK to better understand who we are and how to conduct business with us. Here you will learn more about the values, ethics, and standards we hold ourselves and our suppliers to each and every day around the globe. SupplierLINK also connects you to portal-based technologies, process guidelines and other important tools that enable more efficient ways of working together, and much more.

                      We look forward to partnering with you as we continue to create value from source to shelf.

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                      Supplier Collaboration
                      We believe that long-term strategic supplier relationships are key to driving innovative solutions that meet our consumer and customer needs.
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                      K-C Goes the Smart Way
                      Improving our supply chain efficiency is not just good for business as we reduce freight transport costs, but also a critical way for us to help Kimberly-Clark reduce its GHG emissions and protect our climate.
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