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                      Our Vision

                      Our Vision

                      Lead the World in Essentials for a Better Life

                      We are more than a maker of products

                      Since 1872, we’ve had the foresight to find new ways to make lives better. From creating new categories to starting new conversations, we are constantly innovating our products and our practices to serve and care for the ever-changing needs of the people we touch at all stages.

                      Each day, around the globe, we’re dedicated to inspiring each other and helping individuals experience more of what’s important to them.

                      It’s why we bring together people who think differently to lead the world in the essentials for a better life.

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                      Turning Ideas into Essentials
                      Our history of innovation began with our founders who established a culture that encouraged an entrepreneurial spirit.
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                      Code of Conduct
                      Just as our products are essential to our consumers, our Code of Conduct is vital to our continued success.
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